Rules of the Dragster Trophy


1-1 Obligations Générales :

All drivers, competitors and officials participating in the Trophée Dragster agree, for themselves and their teams, to respect all the prescriptions of the International Sporting Code, the Sporting Regulations for Dragster, the Regulations for the Trophée Dragsters auto of the ATD (Dragster Trophy Association). 

1-2 Dispositions Générales :

There will be 5 Dragster Trophies:

One for drivers running in the Super Pro E.T. category.
One for drivers running in the Pro E.T. category.
One for drivers running in the Sportsman Electric E.T. category.
One for drivers running in the Street Run E.T. category.
One for drivers running in the Junior Dragster category.

1-3 Promotion du Trophée :

The organization will hold a press and media conference prior to any Trophy event, to which national and local press and media will be invited. ATD will also be invited to conferences to promote the Trophy. ATD may rename the Trophy with the name of the sponsor for the event or for all events.


Two categories of vehicles are allowed to participate in the ATD Dragster Trophy: dragsters in the "PRO and SUPER PRO" categories and leisure vehicles in the "STREET RUN and SPORTSMAN ELECTRIQUE" categories. For all these categories, the general FIA dragster and FFSA dragster regulations will be applied.

2-1 PRO and SUPER PRO categories:

2-1-1 SUPER PRO E.T. : time index 6,00s to 8,99s 1/4 mile. See FIA General Regulations and Section 1.A and FFSA Regulations

2-1-2 PRO ET: time index 9.00s to 11.99s 1/4 mile
See FIA General Regulations and Section 1.A Regulations and FFSA Regulations

2-2 Catégories SPORTSMAN :

2-2-1 Street Run E.T. : index de temps 12s00 à 18s00 ¼ miles
Voir règlement FIA Général et règlement FFSA

2-2-2 Sportsman Electrique E.T. : index de temps 10s à 19s99 ¼ miles
Voir règlement FIA Général et règlement FFSA


3-1 Race Sponsors:

In order to be eligible for the awards, competitors will be required to wear on their vehicles during the entire duration of the event, the decals, logos, badges of the Trophy, sponsors and/or the event, as requested by the promoters and organizers of the Trophy. Their location will be defined according to the instructions of the organizers.
In addition, the registration fee will be doubled if the competitor does not want to apply the stickers.

3-2 Numéro de course :

Each vehicle entered must have a competition number for the Trophy. These numbers will be given at the first participation and will be kept for the duration of the Trophy. If another number from another competition appears on the vehicle, it must be clearly crossed out to avoid any confusion.

3-3 Licences:

3-3-1 Catégorie PRO et SUPER PRO :

Drivers must be in possession of an international dragster driver's license.


The pilots must be in possession of a pilot / driver license (international, international dragster, national, regional) or a Leisure Run or Initiation Run license for the day (do not forget the compulsory medical certificate, one certificate per year but provide a photocopy to keep the original).

3-4 Registration and Commitment:

The registration fee for the Trophy cannot be higher than €250 per competitor and per race, non-refundable (in pre-registration and ASA Drag Racing).
Registrations and fees will be donated to the Dragster Trophy Association (ATD).


The events will take place on minimum D1 or D2 dragster tracks according to the specifications mentioned in the FFSA track definitions section.


5-1 Qualification:

For each event, a minimum of three and a maximum of ten qualifying sessions should be scheduled for each class, at least one session must be completed. The maximum number of cars in the first elimination session is 32 for each class. DTA officials agree to maximize the first elimination session to 16 cars per class. The qualifying and elimination system is described in the F.I.A. Rules for Dragsters.

5-2 Grids:

The starting grid is made up as follows:
-SPORTSMAN. Otherwise indicated on the race rules.

5-3 Substitutes:

Once qualifications have been completed and a scale established, matches will not be changed.
However, if a qualified car and driver are unable to participate in the first elimination round, by forfeiting at least 30 minutes before the start of the first elimination round, they will be replaced by another car and driver. The fastest unqualified driver will take the first available space, the second unqualified driver will take the next available space and so on. This will be done at the sole discretion of the Trophy organizers, the Stewards of the event and with the agreement of both drivers involved. Whatever the position in the grid of the withdrawn driver, this one will not be redone. The substitute driver will directly take the place and position of the withdrawn driver.
All points earned and cash awards earned will be split between the two drivers.


6-1 Awarding of points :

ATD Dragster Trophy points are awarded as follows:
See Appendix A.

6-2 Additional points:

Additional points are awarded as follows:
-10 points for all competitors - 1 qualifying run required
-Qualifying positions earn points as follows:
1st : 8 points
2nd : 7 points
3rd : 6 points
4th : 5 points
5th and 6th : 4 points
7th and 8th : 3 points
from 9th to 12th : 2 points
from 13th to 16th : 1 point
-If the event is suspended before a single qualifying round has been completed, all competitors who have passed the technical inspection will be awarded 10 points each.
-If the event is suspended after the first qualifying session has taken place, the qualifying points will be awarded to the qualified competitors.

6-3 Tie:

If at the end of the season there are ties in one or more heats, they will be broken by applying the following measures. If there are still ties after the application of the first measure, the following measures will be applied until the tie is broken.

Measure A: Study the entire season of playoffs between tied competitors. The driver with the most head-to-head wins is declared the winner.

Measure B: Review the entire playoff season. The driver with the most heats won is declared the winner.

Measure C: Apply tiebreaker points to the entire competitive season as follows:

Winner of an event: 5 points
Finalist: 3 points
Semi-finalist: 2 points
Quarter finalist: 1 point

The driver with the highest total number of points is declared the winner.

6-4 General:

All points are awarded to the driver and cannot be transferred under any circumstances. Points cannot be transferred from one category to another. Points are not accumulated if the driver is registered in two categories.
Les organisateurs du Trophée ont la latitude d’autoriser les concurrents dont la voiture a subi des dommages irréparables à quitter l’épreuve avant les éliminatoires ou la fin de la course, tout en conservant leurs points et leur récompense en liquide. Les pilotes doivent demander aux organisateurs du Trophée de l’épreuve de leur accorder cette possibilité.


Each organizer of an event will have to give the pilots' prizes to the persons in charge of the association of the Trophy.


Any person not respecting the sporting rules, the rules of the Trophy or guilty of dangerous behavior on and off the track will be disqualified and excluded from the event. This person will not be entitled to any points or cash prizes. If the DTA deems it necessary, such person may be immediately excluded from all Trophy programs and will forfeit all rights to any titles, cash prizes or other awards not already awarded. 


All points not defined by the rules are at the sole and unique decision of the administrators of the Trophy, all complaints will be made to the administrators of the Trophy and after meeting, the answer will be given.

The Dragster Trophy Association reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.


The points of the ATD Dragster Trophy are attributed according to the number of cars in the field:

A-1 Grille de 2 véhicules (1 paire) :

Second : 20 points
Winner : 40 points

A-2 Grid from 3 to 4 vehicles (2 pairs) :

Losers round 1 : 20 points
Second : 40 points
Winner : 60 points

A-3 Grid from 5 to 8 vehicles (4 pairs) :

Losers round 1 : 20 points 
Losers round 2 : 40 points
Second : 60 points
Winner : 80 points

A-4 Grid from 9 to 16 vehicles (8 pairs) :

Losers round 1 : 20 points
Losers round 2 : 40 points
Losers round 3 : 60 points
Second : 80 points
Winner : 100 points

A-5 Grid from 17 to 32 vehicles (16 pairs) :

Losers round 1 : 20 points
Losers round 2 : 40 points
Losers round 3 : 60 points
Losers round 4 : 80 points
Second : 100 points
Winner : 120 points


The ATD Trophy will be awarded at the last round of the season or at a later date (it may be supplemented with prizes). 

Registration for the following year's DTA Trophy races will be offered to the winners of each class.