The association

A bit of history......

Until 2003, there were no official dragster races in France structured around a Championship; and yet, good wills among the French pilots work to concretize the setting up of the ATD trophy (Dragster Trophy Association - association law 1901)

The purpose of the ATD at the time of its creation was to make the link between the various actors of this sport (pilots, organizers and federations) and to manage the National Trophy Dragster.

But the lack of races has very quickly forced the ATD to wear a new hat, that of organizer. You will find a history of all the races managed since 2004 on the page.

Since 2004, the "Trophée National Dragster" is in place around a structured association and evolves every year.

This allows a better coordination between Organizers, Federations (FFM and FFSA), Ministries and Drivers for a maximum of national and European promotion in order to attract more drivers and partners.

Constantly evolving over the years, the races take place with an average of 100 car teams. Many foreign teams (Swiss, Belgian, German, Italian, English, Dutch, Spanish, etc.) come to participate in the Trophy.

The reasons are simple: family atmosphere, maximum runs for the participants, conviviality and seriousness.

The seriousness of the DTA allows to have for several years a set of vehicles more and more powerful, professional teams and many projects in progress for the future years.

The current site where the competitions take place is a permanent site located in the department of Aisne.

This central geographical location on the map of Europe favors the arrival of foreign teams. Also, in order to be able to manage the increase in power of the dragsters, a preparation of the track takes place at each race with notably a systematic sizing of the track.

The National Dragster Trophy will be awarded to the dragster champions of each category (or class) having participated in the different races held during one year (several rounds are planned in France).

An unknown facet of our organizations is also to attract all the new waves of vehicles tuning or run in order to supervise these new competitors on appropriate sites and in full safety; we want to bring our stone to the building of the fight against the wild runs which are more and more common on all France.