Yellow People

YELLOW PEOPLE? What's that?

A "yellow people" (YP) is a volunteer who participates in the smooth running of the race. Because without volunteers, nothing happens.

You want to experience the race from the inside, proudly wearing the yellow YP T-shirt, then contact us and join the ranks of these indispensable people.

The YP positions are varied, with a presence on the track but also on other positions. Whenever possible, there are rotations to allow you to enjoy the whole event.

The advantages... you will experience the competition from the inside, and sometimes very closely, talk to the drivers and be at the heart of the action.

The distribution of jobs is done by the "Sheriff of the DTA", a key figure in the track device.

You want to join us, send an email to the Sheriff

La team des Yellow People

YELLOW PEOPLE one day, pilot another day.

The motivation of the YP can also become extreme with the example of our former YP Renaud REVOLLON. Renaud worked for DTA for 10 years, reaching the prestigious position of "dispatcher" with experience and decided one day in 2018, to switch to the dark side of the force, to become a PILOT!

Who will be the next?


Contact the Sheriff by e-mail by clicking on the button