Circulation in the event area

While we pay constant attention on the track to ensure the safety of participants and spectators, we must also be vigilant in the paddocks and surrounding areas.

Some observations alert us to the need to recall the rules of common sense. 

The rules of the road apply everywhere in the Clastres Dragstrip area. 

For scooters, bicycles, gyropods, etc. Traffic is limited to 10 km/h; helmets are recommended.

For all motorized vehicles, the speed in the paddocks and taxiways is limited to 10 km/h. Only the return lane parallel to the track is limited to 40 km/h to the entrance of the paddocks.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in exclusion from the site.

Let's not forget that we receive people of all ages. We must control the risks to ensure a safe and enjoyable race.

Access of drivers and cars on the track

In order to avoid any attempt to "pool" vehicles, wristband checks will take place unannounced (only drivers with green wristbands are allowed to race in their respective vehicles). 

Any attempt at fraud will result in the exclusion of the team.

Waterproofing of vehicles

The vehicles must be perfectly sealed on the track. No leakage will be tolerated.

It is essential to preserve the track which requires constant attention for the safety of all.

A 1rst leak found will result in a warning with return to the paddock.

The 2nd leak will lead to the exclusion of the team.

Runway access for security services and medical teams

For obvious reasons of safety and speed of intervention, Parking in front of fire and medical vehicles is strictly prohibited.

This applies to accompanying persons, vehicles and assistance materials.

Finally, it is reminded that the assistants must leave the race area when their vehicles have reached the 400m.